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Camping Lune sur le Lac LE CONTE, 24540 CAPDROT, FRANCE LANDLINE: 00 33 (0)967 336 751 MOBILE: 00 33 (0)647 462 513 EMAIL: info@campingmonpazier.com
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Travel To Camping Lune Sur Le Lac

Our Location

Camping Lune Sur Le Lac is set in the beautiful Dordogne countryside just minutes from the stunning town of Monpazier.

A helpful landmark to locate the campsite is the water tower on the D53 Route de Belves.

You can use the Google Map on this page to plan your journey to Camping Lune Sur Le Lac from any start point.

GPS Co-ordinates

44°42'14.97"N and 0°55'38.89"E

Ferry Ports

The distance from the port at Le Havre is 444 miles, Caen is 405 miles, Dieppe 460 miles, and Calais 556 miles.


Camping Lune Sur Le Lac is situated just 35 minutes from Bergerac Airport which is serviced by both Ryanair and Flybe. Car hire is available at all of the airports.

Brive-Souillac is 1hr 33 minutes - serviced by Ryanair and City Jet.

Toulouse-Blagnac is 2hrs 4 minutes and is serviced by Easy Jet, Flybe, British Airways and Jet2.

Limoges-Bellegarde is 2hrs 31 minutes, and serviced by Ryanair and Flybe.

Bordeaux is 2hrs 40 minutes with daily scheduled flights by all of the main operators.

Driving and Towing in France

Many people have concerns about driving in France. After much personal experience towing caravans, and plant machinery as well as driving a 7.5 tonne lorry I can help ease these concerns. First of all, the things you need to know and do. You must carry the items below in the vehicle at all times - most can be bought for just a few pounds on ebay:

You must stick headlight adjusters onto the car, we suggest doing this at the UK port while you are waiting.

We would recommend that you have some sort of road map as following the sat nav blindly in France can lead you down many twisting roads, this is generally due to them working to the shortest distance or quickest route, where you may find another 3 km or 5 mins keeps you on a main road. Plan using main roads and then revert to the sat nav when you are close by.

Fuel in France is generally cheaper than the UK, especially diesel. You will however like the UK pay more on the toll roads or small Villages. Diesel is known as Gazole and unleaded is Sans Plomb. Although many petrol stations may look closed, ie. Weekends and evenings, the majority of them have at least one pump that will accept a credit card.

By far the quickest way to the South of France is via the Toll Roads, they do accept UK credit cards or Euro.

There are hundreds of stop off points called Aire de Service which vary in levels of facilities, from just parking with a toilet to full Services. You can actually stay overnight in your vehicle free of charge but we would recommend only doing this in the larger ones. They are all signposted well in advance with a list of services.

Warning: using your mobile phone whilst driving in France can be very expensive, on the spot fines of €130 and the possibility of confiscating the phone do not make a good start to your break.

The French Government has now made hands free kits illegal, fines of 90€ can be issued.

Do not bring or use speed detection devices in France, the fine for these can be over €1500.

Children under 10 cannot travel in the front seat of a vehicle. Seatbelts must be worn at all times, front and back.

Some of the advantages whilst getting acquainted to the wrong side of the road are less traffic than the UK, the scenery, the lack of speed cameras (very few), hardly any road works, no road rage, and no traffic jams, you will soon realise that your concerns were temporary and in fact will then not be looking forward to joining the M25 again.